Speech workshop, Barcelona

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Gareth Davies was invited as a keynote speaker to presnt at a specialistspeech workshop at Val d'Hebron children's hospital in Barcelona, Spain on 21 February 2020.  This was especially relevant to the SCR4Cleft project and the title of Mr Davies's talk was 'I sound different'.  The focus was on Velopharyngeal Insufficiency which is sometimes present  in children (and adults) born with a cleft and results in too much nasal air escape making it difficult to articulate certain sounds.  There were around 70 participants present, mostly speech therapists and surgeons, from around Spain and beyond, including a team from South America.  Everyone was very excited to hear about the SCR4Cleft and will want to be updated on progress.  This was the last  international event attended by partners from this project before the global lockdowns began in early March.

Reference number: 2019-1-NL01-KA202-060281

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